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Руководство pixplant

Pixplant.com/ Didn't try this software myself yet, but I've heard it was able to create your own set of seamless textures. Its's even able. Jan 4, 2010 But there is another good tool PixPlant pixplant.com/ in photoshop but it's much, much slower and requires lots of manual. PixPlant creates and edits textures and 3D maps for texturing and modeling. Includes everything needed to transform a common photo into seamlessly tiling. May 31, 2015 Now though, programs such as PixPlant provide a simple and intuitive process for creating seamless texture maps from your own photos.

Video · Courses/Workshops · FAQ · Help Manual · Release History · Contact. Video Thumb Generating Seamless Textures; Video Thumb Parallel Synth; Video. Create a Tile Imprint – SketchUp, Photoshop, Pixplant and V-Ray by Nomer Adona The idea behind this tutorial is to help you to achieve a tile imprint design.

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